What E2E/Integration/Browser automation tool(s) do you use?

While trying to research frameworks and tools to rebuild our test automation suite to be useful, I’m encountering a lot of ‘this tool will solve all your testing problems and mean you won’t need testers #winning’ which is unhelpful and rage inducing.

So I was wondering if we could get a crowd sourced list of what people use for E2E/integration/browser automation testing, why you picked it, what you don’t like about it, and maybe a bit of context about what you test.

This will hopefully give people a nice resource when starting to look into tools and help them find what other people are using and if it will work for them

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I’ll go first!

I’m testing a website that is Ruby based, and so we’re currently using RSpec for our E2E tests.

Things I like: It’s nicely human readable, and seems quite flexible
Things I dislike: I don’t know Ruby that well, and the devs don’t really know how the test suite was built (it was built by a previous team and has fell through the gaps of maintenance), so it isn’t easy for me to maintain.

The devs use JS for unit testing, so I may look for something more JS based to replace this.

For non-browser end-2end LEAPTEST is quite interesting. We are currently running a proof-of-concept for it, as it connects to citrix and remote desktops. It also does browsers.

Like: graphical mapping, good screen capture/screen read, dumps a video of everything.
Dislike: bit of trial & error to develop the “walk through”

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I’m using Selenium on 2 different projects for e2e:

  • Elixir/Erlang backend, Angular frontend
    ** Protractor w/ JavaScript for e2e
    ** Elixir for integration
  • .Net backend, various mess frontend
    ** Selenium Webdriver and C#
    ** C#/NUnit for Integration & combine with Selenium to do e2e