What is penetration testing and how important is penetration or pen testing?

Security is major requirement for every application. Now, companies are very much focusing on their product to be more secure specially finance or public sector. Is demand of penetration testing increasing these days.

I think yes , even if it is not a full pen testing , making sure that you don’t have a fatal or critical security issues give the company more confident about their products and this can be done now with moderate effort as tools become more usable.

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Penetration testing or pen testing, also popularly known as ethical hacking, is all about finding security related malfunctions. It comes in the domain of security testing. The security risks could be anywhere, from the organization to your computer system or even your mobile apps could be on the radar. Pen testing (along with finding security vulnerabilities) involves exploiting the vulnerabilities and thus in a way its scope is more than Vulnerability testing and thus needs more level of expertness to perform, than vulnerability testing. And usually companies outsource such testing to the third party experts.

Penetration testing is done as an evaluation of any organization’s network security. It could be automated using various tools or could be done manually by experts. The sole purpose of pen testing is to find out if security of any application is intact, impeccable and no escapes should be there.

Attacker or hackers are always in search of such security vulnerabilities to make a passage into the network or into the application with the intention to exploit it. The security testing is always recommend avoiding the insecurities of the network or applications and top software testing companies implementing it as a process.

Penetration testing make sure that your data is safeguard in a secured network and conserves functionality as planned. Hope this information is helpful for you.

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penetration testing also called ethical hacking ,the practice of testing a computer system,network or web application to find security vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.penetration testing can be automated with software application or performed manually.the main objective of penetration testing is to identify security weaknesses.