What is TestBash Home like for people who are new to conferences?

TestBash home is my first testing-related conference. I love it. I am an introvert, that is a bit scared of people in real life, and I get really anxious when strangers are around me. But the distance offered by Home Edition makes it easy to engage for people like me.
I really hope this Home Edition will happen yearly from now on, even when this virus go away. I planned to overcome my fear and go to TestBash Netherlands this year, which got postponed, but now I will definitely go. :slight_smile:


This isn’t my first conference, but I haven’t been to very many. I feel like the interaction with other attendees has been MUCH better in this conference than what I have normally experienced. I am pretty introverted with new people, so I am not going to be inclined to reach out to new people in person.

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TestBash Home is my first online conference. I live in one of the Southeat Asia country, which we do not have much access to the in-person QA conference here. Luckily, I could join this TestBash Home event and have met alot of the new people around the world. One of the best platfoem ever ! Thank you MOT !


This is my first testing conference and ABsolutely loved the experience. The remote setting was all round fantastic, but I’d definitely look to going to an in person one in the future to meet people face to face.