Why do you attend TestBash events?

Not everyone has had the pleasure of attending TestBash, either in-person or online love to hear from you all the reasons why you like to attend.

For example, for me, I love the natural conversations I get into with people. Learning about the challenges they are facing and what they are passionate about. I love that I have made friends for life from the events.

What makes TestBash valuable for you?


There are a lot of reasons for me, here are a few that come to mind:

  • Whenever I attended TestBash, I always felt really welcomed
  • It’s single track so I don’t have to skip any presentations
  • The presenters are always good, it’s not just the regular conference speakers, but I really like the fact that at TestBash people new to public speaking also get a chance
  • There are always talks based on unique experiences on how people approached and solved some challenges and I always learn a lot from such talks

TestBash is a powerful community experience. I love how it brings people together. As individuals, we’re all unique yet a TestBash creates a sense of shared belonging you just can’t describe. We become a shared group of people who enjoy each others’ company, discuss challenges and laugh lots. There’s nothing quite like it!


It’s hard to add something after @mirza and @simon_tomes comments :wink:

I could have written something similar. Maybe something like this:

Why I like attending TestBash events? Because since over 15 or 16 years I attended am still attending community driven events like Barcamps or OpenSpaces or Webmonday talks (or TEDx events). Most things where I wasn’t a number of an event, but together with others we built social networks (no, not the platforms), connected and had fun. It was not about how good or perfect someone was or is - it was about the topic, the similar thoughts and ideas and the fact that it’s not always the keynote superstars who speak, but normal regular folks like you and I. And yes, that is what counts (well for me).

Attending testbash events was a great start a few years ago when I joined my current company. Before that I didn’t really know how many of testers or test related folks we are and that an event like the MoT ones are awesome. Attending testbash events means widening my technical skills or horizon, getting in touch with people I would normally not have met or noticed (which is a shame and a total different topic as a side note). It means, that I can exchange, connect and bring in ideas and share it with others. Also getting feedback and a fantastic response is something which has made TestBash events so special for me.

Sadly only experience remote events from MoT, but someday hoping to attend events live and in person.

Thank you all and big thanks :clap: :clap: :clap: to all of you who are in the background and built and organise those events. Can’t appreciate enough your work.

Whoops, that is more text now than I wanted to write first… :wink:


Because they’re damn good!

But seriously, I’ve only ever attended as a speaker and as someone who gets nervous around crowds/ groups of people, I really appreciate how welcoming people are.

It’s definitely a conference I would recommend to people who are coming alone. (Not everyone can attend conferences with a few of their colleagues eh)

Also, the single track means that you have a shared expeirence with other attendees, so you can all have discussions in the breaks about what you just listened to


I’ve had the pleasure to attend testbash as a participant and as a speaker!

I’d like to highlight again how welcoming everyone are :heart:

As a participant I felt the conversations while watching the talk together very insightful. The thrills of a live event can never be replicated.

As a speaker I appreciate how flexible and supportive the team is. There is a lot of opportunities (different themes) to share some of my learnings and also learn during the process.

I’m not gonna lie… Huge FOMO on in-person Testbash UK. Hopefully we get one down under soon.

Wishing everyone a great time at Testbash UK :uk:


First time hearing about TestBash since I am a newbie to the space. Look forward to doing some additional research so I can go to one really soon!