What is the best approaches to handle data in Test Automation?

(Viral) #1

For the handling the Data in the test automation script, I’m aware about the two approaches

  • Creating a data generation scripts,

  • Predefine the data and direct use that in script

  • In the first approach, We are developing the scripts, that will run before the test and generate the data

  • In Second approach, We manually create the data like User or some configuration for user and then use that data directly into the scripts

So In the long run of the projects, What are the best approaches to handle the data that will have less maintenance ?

(Yoshiki) #2
  1. create test data manually
  2. backup DB by using script
  3. execute automated test
  4. rollback test data from backup
    (and loop 3 and 4…)

This approach is like your first approach.