30 Days of Testability - Day 13: Find out how test data is populated in your system. How could it be improved?

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In my current project, we generate data directly through the UI either manually or using test automation. We also have some sample data which is including in the application and generally used for customer demos.

In the recommended video “Techniques for Generating and Managing Test Data”, Omose Ogala suggests either copying test data or creating fake test data. I feel that there are some risks and limitations with these techniques.

However, there is a risk that the test automation could break when changes are made to the application and generating large amounts of data manually can be time consuming. So recently generated backup test data which could be copied over, or using fake data using back-end data generation techniques could speed up testing in the event that test automation fails.

I discuss this more in my blog:

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Some resources from people doing this online