What is the best way to learn manual & automation testing

Can somebody tell me what’s the best possible way to learn manual & automation testing and also get certified in it?


I come from an CDT/RST background, and I found that the best way to learn how to be really good at testing literally anything was the RST course I did. So that’s my perspective on that.

As for specifically learning automation tools that depends on your background and experience in programming, but I learned things like WATiR/Selenium WebDriver through tutorials I found online. The difficulty, I think, is less about learning how to operate a tool like Selenium and more how to do it without it failing at scale - automation projects fail all the time, and knowing both how to implement them properly and how to do great testing will mean that you can write successful automation projects that have actual value. I did this through a lot of self-education on testing and a lot of research on the pitfalls and weaknesses of automation, but I don’t know if there’s a reliable course that helps with this.

I don’t believe in certifications, so I can’t be of any help there, sorry.


Thanks kinofrost, it really helped to do manual testing.

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You’re welcome. You accidentally left a link in your reply, by the way, to another course, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. I can explain its faults in detail if you like.

I agree RST is a good investment and more importantly, apply things you learnt.

Craft your own path.

Test Automation University Courses are good.Simple to follow for automation

MOT for guidance on topics.Lot of blogs and articles to read.

BBST courses by Dr Cem Kaner

Testing Computer Software
Perfect Software and other illusions
Lessons Learned in Software Testing
General Systems by Jerry Weinberg
Exploring Requirements Part1 and 2
Agile Testing Condensed Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory.

satisfice.com and developsense.com primarily

MOT and RST slack

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That’s an excellent list, and I’d like to append to those books Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, and one of my favourite books to influence RST: Tacit and Explicit Knowledge by Harry Collins.

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I personally love some courses on Udemy by Rahul Shetty.

Initially, I had some reservations, but when I discovered that his courses were on sale for just $10 instead of the usual $80, I decided to give them a try. To my delight, I found his courses to be exceptionally well-structured and packed with valuable information, especially in the realm of test automation and quality assurance.

Apart from the basics, the guy usually explains a lot of stuff surrounding the tech tools he’s teaching, such as frameworks, coding language, use cases, etc.

First course I bought was about using Cypress.io for automating tests. After finishing the course I finally had an understanding what test automation is about, how it’s done and, obviously, how to use Cypress for automating tests.

I would highly recommend giving Udemy courses a try.