What is the best way to use Postman collections with multiple contributors working on multiple environments and multiple branches

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We are currently using Postman for our API tests, managing thousands of requests with tests running against them. Our collection is stored in our repository, and we use Newman to run the tests in our CI/CD pipeline: develop runs against staging and main runs against production.

We need advice on the best way to enable multiple engineers to work on the collection, allowing tests to be run in multiple environments and across different Git branches. We see two options:

  1. Postman Licenses for Shared Workspace/Collections:

    • Advantage: Allows many people to contribute to collections easily.
    • Concern: Managing branches and different environments can be problematic. For example, tests created for staging may not run on production until later in the development cycle, potentially causing failing tests when the collection is run on production.
  2. Manual Import and Export:

    • Process: Engineers import the collection from their feature branch, add tests, and then export it back into the repository. The collection is then pushed up the branches (Feature > Develop > Main).
    • Concern: When merging the Git branch into develop, it could potentially break the JSON file.

We don’t want to have a collection for each environment as we feel that would require a large amount of manual effort moving tests as they get pushed up the environments.

Are there any tools or strategies that can assist with this process? How have others managed large Postman collections effectively?

Thanks in advance for your insights!


Best way: through away Postman and start using Bruno :slight_smile:

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@daniel.dainton can probably give you the perfect answer <3

I love how people make this comment often but I still prefer Postman over Bruno because in Bruno, you can β€œunsecret a secret” – much secure! :slight_smile: