Can Postman collection be run in CI/CD with newman without a Postman licence?

Hey guys, I searched far and wide and didn’t manage to get the proper answer.

Situation: we have a Postman collection with a bunch of API tests which we currently run locally. We are planning on running them in our Azure DevOps pipeline with newman. Collection will also sit in some Azure repository.

I am tasked with analysing how much such pipeline would cost us, by that I mean which Postman licence would fit for us, but from the numerous documents and tutorials I have a feeling that newman runs don’t need to use Postman API (and the licence, since it is applied on Postman API rates), but I am not certain.

Anyone know? Can provide more details if needed.


Hi Ivo,

As far as I knew Newman has nothing to do with your Postman licenses. Looks like thats still the case. With Newman you can run your collection (from a file, repo somewhere), without needing to “login to Postman”. So I think you’ll be fine without licenses.

In my org we’re running some postman collections in CI with Newman, and we don’t have any Postman licenses. We don’t need the more “advanced postman features”, so it works for us. Worth noting our needs might not be the same as yours.

postman-cli looks to be well suited if Postman is part of your core workflows, (and I assume) you have licenses.


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yea you do NOT need a license.

If you can to run your collection in the postman UI, you can only do it like 25x a month.
But you can run these collections locally and in a pipeline with Newman.

I believe also via the Postman CLI but everyone still uses newman…

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Thank you all for detailed replies. Now my soul is at ease :smiley:

I plan going down the route kristof explained, seems most straightforward.


Hello :slight_smile:

Not only you can run them without fees as said in the previous answer, you can even keep the collections in your Github code since V10 so updates to the tests are easy to do in a branch inline with changes in the code.

Postman’s API Builder now integrates natively with Git. This means that you can keep and version collections and schemas next to your codebase and work on them using your team’s pre-existing collaborative version control workflows.

Yes, the plan is to develop features (automating tests) with standard feature branch Git workflow. There’s three of us QAs and each one can automate a different test while still keeping the main branch, that is running in CI, intact, until it’s time to merge new tests into pipeline.