What is the most unusual thing you've had to automate?

We come across some unique requests in our careers as testers so I thought it might be fun to share the unusual things that you’ve had to automate.

What’s the most unusual thing (product/feature/process) you’ve had to automate? Why did it feel like an unusual request?


One of the first things I tested professionally were those Self service tils(EPOS). Running tests that involve scanning barcodes, messing with weight on scales, card payments testing and, writing some automation. All things considered I got to cover lots of different types of testing.


One webapp from a known virtualization company that was still using the Flash technology…I ended up discovering and using “SikuliX”. It ended in having a lot of fun and learning a lot.


SIP softphone call automation to integrate with existing automation stack, using softphone, GUI automation to control it, audio loopback driver to pipe audio output (played via media player, etc.) back as input for softphone to send to other calling party, and tone detection software to inspect received audio as well as received DTMF keypresses. Audio played to other party was frequency tone to detect on the other end.

Other cases that were investigated but never automated:

Mobile UI automation to periodically keep app on mobile device alive to keep sending data to the cloud as a “canary”. Device is plugged for constant charging to operate 24/7.

Hardware + software based rig/solution to automate the process of moving a mobile device around a room for it to send data to the cloud where the data varies based on the location of the device within the room. To repeat that in a cycle, with device plugged in for charging (battery pack?) and moving about, ideally 24/7. This is to simulate a person walking around with the device and the app on device in operation. Possible thoughts for implementation at the time were to use a Roomba or a toy train track for the mobility aspect.


A framework made in the 70’s … I didn’t do it :stuck_out_tongue: They were not ready for it, 0 validations and 200 OK’s on all requests (even errors)

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Love this idea! :smiley: :train: