What would be a good Test Automation Tool to test a Point of Sale application and a Self-Service Kiosk?

As a newbie wanting to go into Test Automation specific for the above application, what tools will be useful for an application that runs on only Android-based devices?

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Welcome @emiola, Interesting application for wanting to get into automation.

Do you already work for somewhere that tests self-service kiosks etc? I can imagine it being quite the complex setup to test. Do you need to test all the moving pieces (screen, scales, scanner, alert lights, audio, payment etc)?

What sort of software is running on the devices android device, Web or Desktop etc? Is the client thick (business logic lives on the machine) or thin (requests go to a back-end for business logic)? What technology has been used to create the Point of Sale e.g. TypeScript & React.

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To give you some help for your question:
By my experience depends the choice of the automation tool more on the technical base of the application. What technology it is developed with, what is its architecture and on which environments is it running.
And less on the purpose the application has. Sometimes it implies some technological choices.

That is the direction @a_mcanirn asked.

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Emiola worte:

Kind Regards

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Thank you @a_mcanirn and @sebastian_solidwork, the app runs on an Android device, it is desktop-based. The technology used is React. Yes, moving pieces need to be tested, and external payments—scanning ability e.g. coupons QR.

I will be looking forward to your suggestions.

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Appium might help you. Its not only for android automation.


Does your company look after the assembly of all the components?

What are you currently doing for testing?

It will be a big task automating hardware & software and it will likely end up you automating portions of bigger picture.

Do you have any information on current issues coming in once they have been installed?

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that’s a broad question, because technically chromebooks can also be made to run android apps, although in the latter case kiosk mode support is going away… but it all depends on what you have to test. I would also never discount the app later moving to iPadOS, lots of kiosks run on ipads, although Android is significantly easier to test. I would… Focus on testing the app first (like @hananurrehman indicates, start with using appium) , in it’s sandbox using automation tools, and separately test the “kioskiness” manually. Better to have 2 people do this in parallel for earlier defect discovery.