What is your team doing right now to maintain morale?

It’s been a while since I checked in to see how you’re all doing with maintaining morale with waves hands all of this :eyes:

What are you doing right now to maintain morale on your team? How has this changed in the past 6-12 months?


Since we are all remote and don’t hang out at lunch breaks, as we used to, we have occasional non-formal online meetings where we sip coffee and chit-chat. And we also have a group chat dedicated only for sharing memes to make people laugh and brighter up the mood. :grinning:


Similar to @mirza we have also different channels where we either play games (scribbl io or Among Us), have coffee breaks or evening events. And we have 15min office gymnastics on tuesdays and thursdays - to ensure we move a little bit while sitting at home in front of our devices.

The idea for only having a channel for memes is a good idea :bulb: :smiley:

And yes, we all miss each other going to and having lunch together.


We had a mental health lunch and learn session, which was really good to give hints and tips for raising awareness and normalcy of conversations about mental health.

That in itself maybe hasn’t been something directly to maintain morale, but I believe that it has opened the door to us communicating better with each other.

We have also started a fortnightly games afternoon at the end of the sprint, we’ve been playing some of the Jackbox Party Pack games, it’s been a lot of fun.