How are you doing?

Hi everyone,

As MoneyBoss, I feel much more behind the scenes sometimes so if you haven’t had the chance to meet me yet… hi :wave:t3:

I want to ask you something important - How are you doing?

I thought I’d be feeling great after the news that the schools here can re-open soon so that my son can see all the friends he’s desperately missing. I feel quite anxious though, wondering if it will last, or will everything change again.

How are you feeling? :hugs:


“Not great, not terrible.” :sweat_smile:

On a positive side, everyone around me is fine, I’ve got both doses of Covid vaccine and things seems stable at the moment.

On a negative side my motivation and productivity have never been lower, and being aware of that but unable to resolve problem is driving me crazy.
I miss a lot of things that used to be normal, like concerts, cinema, traveling, pubs, etc…


I’m pleased to hear that you have received both doses of the vaccine.

I think it’s difficult to be motivated somedays. It can be helpful to simplify things by setting just one main task. Once that’s done review what’s next.
That helps me when I’m really finding it hard, but I acknowledge it might not be possible depending on what you are trying to do.

I really miss working in my favourite coffee shop, but I found a coffee shop ambiance soundtrack which I play when I need it and it helps me feel more relaxed when working.

Let me know if you do try something different :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m doing ok this week thank you.
Last week wasn’t great and I do feel more down this lockdown. Yesterday’s news hasn’t really changed very much for me but having a vague idea of a plan is better than what we had before.
I am very anxious at the minute and forcing myself to go out now the weather is improving.

I’m glad your son will be able to see his friends again soon, I hope once things are actually happening you’ll feel less anxious.

Milo I totally get your lack of motivation and productivity, it seems really difficult to maintain any focus at the minute.


I hope you managed to get out today, it’s lovely to see some nice weather


Really appreciate this thread.

I feel like I’m drowning this week, so much to fit in in my 8 hour work days, had to make a big decision to not hire an internal applicant for a test architect role today which I’m beating myself up about.

I’m hosting a meet-up tomorrow and internal test community on Thursday and I love doing them but I just feel like I’ve reached capacity this week already, which means getting excited for them just isn’t happening

It doesn’t help that I’m not coping well with the lack of differentiation between home and work and having that time to decompress on way home etc. You’d think I’d be used to it by now, but still not found the right balance.

Other than that, I’m ok, thanks for asking :slight_smile:


The world is going crazy right now, everyone I talk to is on the edge and barely coping.
I feel like I need a long vacation, but what would I do with it anyway if there’s nothing new to see and experience?

Differentiation between work and home is another story. First couple of months were ok, I missed going to the office, but I was as productive as there. But then motivation and productivity started going downhill.

I’ve been thinking about coworking space lately, but most of them are either still closed or lack enough private space for meetings.


Anxious! Total anxious, but not so much about School.

My friend has a wedding in the Summer, and by then it’s likely there will be no restrictions. And I’m working to book in time at the family seaside chalet. At the moment, these feel like scary things that are unsafe! Ahhhhh


Omg it’s so exciting you got the vaccine, congratulations!


I did for a bit thank you. Planning a long walk at lunch today as it should in theory not be raining :smiley:


The lack of differentiation is a struggle. Is there anything stopping you from decompressing when you finish work? Could you take a short walk or do something else to make the break?


Could you use a co-working space on just a few days maybe, when you might not need such a private space? Then you can still break up the week and have a different setting.


That’s understandable.
The family seaside chalet sounds like a good thing to do. At least you can still control your environment if you feel anxious. You could even stay in, but the change of scenery could really help.


I’m trying to block out time in my calendar for exercise where I can. But finishing work straight into dinner and bedtime with the kids is a challenge (as I’m sure it is for everyone) especially when I’m frazzled from meeting fatigue. All good fun. Looking forward to getting back to an office 2 days a week later this year…


Bit all over the shop - similar to everyone. I’ve good days when I’m feeling positive, productive and like life is good. Bad days I mostly want to sleep, even if I get work done - it never feels enough, I just want to curl up and hide. I think it’s normal?

I’m trying to keep some routine still - working from home for years I’ve kinda got a grip on this. Workout in the morning - sometimes I’ll join some friends to workout. I’m also teaching yoga a few evenings a week. I need to get more walking in - I miss that space, mentally and physically. The pain in my hips is returning, so making it difficult - that’s likely due to a few things that I’ve dropped the ball on. It would just be lovely to wake up and feel healthy and not in pain. That would be nice. Even better if it’s permanent. But, I know I can improve, so just need to take a few small steps in the right direction again. I’m just a bit glum about it at the minute, I’d made such progress and now I’m seizing up again.

I’m getting better at being kind to myself and I’m so excited that Spring has started so I can do some more gardening and be outside more. I will get to grips with things again, I always do. It’s another day tomorrow. For now, I’ve some yoga, I’ve knitting and crafts, I’ve friends I can talk to online. Soon I’ll be able to see friends outside more and chat properly. Plus an awesome body bottle to help with that pain :blush: Onwards.


Yes to the long vacation, something to blow away the cobwebs!


Completely understand the whole thing around if it’ll last. I’m so excited to see my friends again and do things. I’m just hoping that we actually get to. Hopeful that it doesn’t cause issues for people, hoping that there won’t be another unmanageable spike. Keeping everything crossed.


That’s what I was thinking. During last few months I’ve had meetings almost every day, sometimes 4~5 per day. But with schedule for the next month I won’t have any on Wednesday and Thursday, unless something important occurs. So that might be my chance, I can use those two days to get away from home a bit.


Been better, been worse.

I’ve been through a lot in recent years, so 2020-21 has allowed me a lot of time for introspection. On the other hand, like everyone else, it has meant a lot of isolation.

Having been bereaved, furloughed, made redundant, then miraculously, finding my feet in a new and highly challenging role, I am starting to get both my leadership, technical, testing and community mojo back.

I have greater energy than I have done in a while, allowing myself permission to focus on myself, my physical and mental fitness, but also trying to be mindful of those around me. Its hard to balance in times of lockdown, when many people also behave selfishly, be it at the supermarket checkout or in the workplace (happily, this is rare).

Anxiety and depression fluctuate. I am now managing well with sleep. I am not reliant on medication now, unlike the last 3/4 years, and I am happy for that.

Take care yourself x


I fluctuate a lot. There are some days where the thought of getting out of the bed is a struggle. Then there are others where I wake up and feel like YES today is the day I will tackle everything :muscle:

I think the better weather coming in will be a help. I like to potter in the garden when I’m feeling lost so having things growing that need to be tended to I hope will help :heart: