What kind of features should a test automation tool have?

Hi Guys,
I think 2021 will be an interesting year in our industry and test automation will become much more popular, I am intersting your opinion in this question: what kind of features should a test automation tool have ?

Hi @pawelm,

What features that are relevant depends on the specific use case: what is being tested and who is to be using the tool/framework. Here are some high level feature that could be relevant:

  • Integrations to test case management, bug trackers and event handlers
  • Integrations to pipeline and build management tools
  • handling mobile
  • handling things to web (desktop, mainframe, citrix, legacy)
  • option to test across the desktop not only inside web
  • ease of use, visual programming, low-code
  • options for reusable components, high coupling, low cohesion