What piece of automation changed how you worked?

What piece of automation changed how you worked?

From small scripts to pipeline automation and more, there’s a pretty big range of things that could be automated to help or change how you work :grin:

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I made my exploratory API-testing so much more powerful with Postman. I wrote little scripts with MomentJS and Lodash in the pre-request tab so my inputs were generated at random. As you can imagine, this inceased my chances of finding issues a lot!

Inputs I generated at random: Dates, names, item quantities, UUID’s.

Exploratory testing + “throw away” automation == <3


Quick and dirty Python scripting.

Initially, to quickly solve a thing I’m working on. Sometimes it just stays like that (quick and dirty), and will keep using it like that. Sometimes it evolves into something more mature and maintained.

Having the ability to automate the tedious, time consuming things has been a godsend for me


Our team wanted to use Postman as automation tool and it was a greenfield project. So they API structure changed way to often. We wrote the tests before the API was made and all of a sudden the structure was changed o nthe response body. It happened quite often, so I challenged myself.

I wrote all the tests in a hierarchical way of working in Postman. All the test scripts were executed at Collection level, not a single “test-script” on request nor folder level.

This way I only had to change the jsonpath 1 single time compared to different times.
Been doing it always since that project.

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Hacking the SUT internals in terms of calling unofficial internal undocumented APIs to configure the system rather than going through the Java applet UI configuration (whether manual or via UI automation). The UI called the APIs behind the scenes, so the automation just bypassed the UI component.

Use of docker to build custom runtime environments or using existing docker images to avoid need to install and configure tools, runtimes.

Selenium code/scripts (python, ruby, java, etc.) that launch browser & perform some actions, then breakpoint out to a debug session (i.e. interactive shell) for user to test Selenium automation commands or to perform manual actions in browser.