What QA tools does AWS offer?

I am currently exploring possible tools that our QA team can use that is on AWS. So far, I have found a few like below:

  1. Device Farm for possible device/browser test automation - doesn’t work for us though since it’s limited to public URLs
  2. LoadRunner - in aws marketplace for load testing, need to compare the pricing for this
  3. CodeBuild - possibly automating tests when code is built (CI/CD), requires us to move our devops to AWS though which isn’t something that we are currently considering

Have you used anything that doesn’t require much set up on AWS and is still useful? It feels like the benefits are only there if we move our devops on there (although I’m just QA dilletante, not a coder). Any feedback is deeply appreciated!

Hello @pwong!

We are exploring the use of Visual Studio Code. It has CI/CD support and the AWS Toolkit extension provides the ability to develop and test (manual and automated) locally.


Are you looking for AWS offerings specifically, or tools available via AWS Marketplace? If it is the latter - check out ReadyAPI TestEngine on the AWS Marketplace from SmartBear.
It’s a test execution tool for API tests (REST, SOAP, JMS, gQL, etc - plus security) that are authored in SoapUI OpenSource or ReadyAPI Functional Test- (aka SoapUI Pro).

We’ve created a Python test framework using boto3 to run tests against our AWS resources.

I’ve never ran a test tool from within AWS, as our “application” is the AWS resources we’re deploying.

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