What’s a new tool you’ve recently adopted and why?

A bit of a follow on post from Remote Working: What Good Tools Have You Discovered?

I was thinking that many of us may have adopted new tools that aren’t specific to remote working. You might have started a new job or project or expanded your tool belt. Whatever the reason, what’s a new tool you’ve recently adopted and why?


Since one month I use cherrytree
In my opinion it is a great tool to take notes during a session of exploratory testing.
The text editor is very complete and the hierarchical view is very convenient to see quickly all my notes.
You can export your notes in txt, html, pdf so it is great to share the notes with the team.
Actually it is my main tool and I won’t go back on a simple text editor.


We integrated QAReplay to our team when we were doing software testing.
It captures instant replay recordings for the screen activities at the last 15 - 120 secs and automatically generates links at the same time. We paste the replay video link as our test results in our issue tracking system to help all team members understand the actual situation.

Another satisfying reason, it only saves the replay recordings when you one-click the capture button. That means it won’t waste your hard drive space. I think that is different from other screen recorders.


With the current and future trends looking towards container-based applications and microservices, I would strongly recommend thorough knowledge of Kubernetes!

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XMind because I finally realised how amazing mind maps are. I was a fan of note taking and documenting things as bullet point lists, but then I realised that mind maps area basically better bullet point lists!
I now use it for my test strategies, testing protocol and setup documents, test notes and experimenting with it for reporting.