Remote Working: What Good Tools Have You Discovered?

The longer the world is remote, the more tools I see popping up to help people connect and work remotely.

This is great but with so many options out there, it’s hard to know which ones are good.

What good tools have you discovered to help you while working remotely? And what’s so good about them? :wink:


We introduced this into our pipeline to scan for vulnerabilities in our depencendies. What I enjoyed the most is that their platform has a smooth & easy to use UI & CLI. We setup 40 projects (40 repo’s) in less then 1 hour.

Kind regards


Instead of Zoom, we use Whereby at my work. We have meeting rooms but each squad also has their own room. My team sit in there all day dipping in and out depending on how social you feel that day. When I work from home alone sometimes it can be nice to have that “background noise” of other people communicating.

Other than that… most of my tools are exactly the same!


^ Our teams use Discord voice channels for the exact same thing.