What are the worst things about working from home?

It’s too easy, and the less complicated issue, to hide how you’re feeling.


Pre covid, people thinking that because I work from home, they can drop in unannounced and I’ll just drop everything to chat to them.


Slower internet :snail: comparing to the office one but I managed to change the offer to a faster one last month !

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Virtual meetings; a lot of people have babies or animals in the background making noise.


Lack of whiteboards to collaborate (or a good online alternative)

What have you tried so far as an online alternative @romansegador?

Try: https://awwapp.com/#
I sometimes draw on here, while presenting, if I have to explain something :smiley:

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I’m a bit of an introvert. I never realized it but when I was in the office I would strike up one on one conversations with everyone I worked with. Getting to know them and feel more comfortable made working with them in a group easier.

There was also the little conversations I would hear and realize I could contribute. Those no longer happen.

At the office, the desk I had allowed me to switch between standing and sitting. Not so much at home (until recently anyway).
The setup I had at home (chair/desk and so on) all spring was decent enough for an hour or two of playing games and stuff, but not good enough för a full workday.


Three other people in the same small house who think that my physical presence means I’m available to give them all the attention they want.

The children have friends too, and they can be loud and / or distracting.


Nothing good enough that is free and allowed by my company. Best tool I’ve found by far is https://miro.com/app/dashboard/.


You can use Jamboard of gmail ! Or mural

I fine Jamboard is good. I do miss physical whiteboards, although I annoy people by intentionally squeaking the pen and laughing to myself.

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@kristof - One person told me that others in the meeting need to just adjust to the fact that the person’s kids will be coming in occasionally and maybe even making some noise. I am sure there are more people who think that way. I guess the answer is to get mic with noise cancellation. I wonder if there are mic which only pick up sound from few centimeters away. That should help with the noise.

1 - Many people assume/wonder if you are actually working or slacking off. Its really bad when people start conversations with this mindset.

2 - Work hours can become extended. Sometimes people will expect you to be available shortly after work hours.

3 - Almost zero social interaction.

PS - I think that sometimes ergonomics can be better at home than office. Sometimes, offices will not get the specific ergonomic equipment that you want (ex. high end chairs, adjustable height desks, split keyboards, vertical mice etc.). But, if you have the cash, then you can get the exact equipment you want.

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In my opinion:

  • lack of social interaction
  • meetings where I, kindly, already ask to the people to speak one at a time
  • a bit of more working hours without you realized that
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Me too Darrell, I know I am an introvert based on my childhood. I’ve gotten out of my zone at some stages of my life, and lockdown has left me re-thinking that assertion a lot.

Which is a stress in itself.

Raghu Ergonomics! I splashed out on a cool electric desk, the silly mechanical things we get given in the office are not brilliant. I also splashed on a 4K display - It’s definitely worth it even if its not connected to your gaming PC (I’m not playing enough games though.)

The office did buy us very nice chairs, so I brought mine home!

electric desks are not that expensive. I bought a dinky model without the desktop to save money and screwed a board onto it and drilled a hole for cables and varnished it. Lift capacity 75KG, thats’ one teenager, or 4 computers with displays for
about: £310 for the frame.
plywood sheet: £15, edging and varnish: £10. Time spent: 4 days over various weekends.

or manual, if you want to avoid electronics https://www.amazon.com/VIVO-Adjustable-Ergonomic-Workstation-DESK-V101M/dp/B074P7QCYH