Onboarding Remotely?

Adapting the onboarding approach to be remote (especially during a pandemic) is an interesting challenge!

Since TestBash Home, quite a few of you have started new roles (New Job Chat - tell us about your new role!).

I was wondering, what’s worked well for you in remote onboarding process? What do you think could be better? Are there any tips you’d give to people who are about to experience this?

We onboarded a new colleague recently. Appart from his first day where he collected his laptop and got a quick crash course by IT on how to use everything, he worked from home. It worked very well. There are a lot of video calls and screen sharing happening. It’s probably more visual than if we could do the onboarding in person. As we have a daily stand-up and weekly meetings it was easy integrate him just by being a part of it.
We only had a couple of virtual meet ups with people outside of the team so he might not know everyone that works in our location yet.


Are you onboarding remotely? Planning remote video interviews? Tip: Create an account with multiple services like Teams, Zoom, Webex, up-front. Use the same e-mail address you use for LinkedIn or to send in your resume. Install the apps for these services. Result: now you can switch quickly from an agent’s phone call to a video interview. Success!

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I would definitely recommend assigning a buddy - this is more important than ever now. Also, an introduction to the team and asking everyone to reach out to the new person to say hi!

I think a lot of the on boarding is around making someone feel welcome and having all the information/tools they need to succeed.

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I have onboarded to two jobs since the beginning of this pandemic.

Things that have worked well are arranging one-to-one virtual coffees with literally anyone who I could. Take the time to get to know the people, take notes, talking around them personally, professionally, talk around how they see the world at work now.

As for learning the product, I have found it helped most to do pairing as much as possible to learn. I am used to, in the office, to being able to sit with people to go over installing and configuring tools as well. There is nothing worse than just a list of how-to documents, so interpersonal time spend helps so much.


+1 for this! I’ve found it really helpful both while onboarding and generally trying to stay in touch.