Onboarding Testers with Theresa Neate

For our twelfth session of TestBash Home 2021, @tneate takes to the stage to answer all of your questions about onboarding testers. From finding the right fit to retaining the one when you find them. You’ll drive the session with your questions!

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.

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Questions we didn’t get to

  1. Have you been asked and expected to do work which is clearly above your grade? If so how did you address this?
  2. Which strategies are your go-tos to plan effective onboarding?
  3. Would you recommend setting a “quick win” mini-project for a new tester in their first week?
  4. How do you survive in an environment where they throw you into work without proper onboarding?
  5. How do you provide feedback to new testers so that they don’t get discouraged?
  6. Do you think its better to hire someone new to testing, to ‘mold’ them into what you want, or better to get someone with experience that would cause clashes?
  7. Who should be doing the onboarding of a new tester, especially when the org is divided into many scrum teams working on related products?
  8. Have you experienced introducing testers to a non-helpful work environment? (ie the rest of a team not embracing) And how did you embrace that? (edited)
  9. Any tips for onboarding to not just a new job, but also a new role, eg more senior, with new skills, or a role they are expected to grow into? (edited)
  10. There are 8 days assigned for testing but due to some development issue build got late and you are getting only 4 days now. What to do in such a situations?
  11. What should an onboarding contain for testers?
  12. Do you have any tips for communicating to a new team what you know and what you don’t know (the ‘line’)
  13. How do you prepare new testers for the ever changing / morphing role of the tester? (edited)
  14. What’s the best way to structure onboarding? Currently we are building a hub with info and checklists. What do you think is effective?
  15. What do you do if there is no onboarding process for testers?
  16. When onboarding a tester, if they have more manual testing experience than other testing skills, are they still valid in the current testing world?
  17. How do you handle someone with less exposure, but trying to question everything you do, because you are new to the company ?
  18. How do you make completely new testers feel comfortable in an already started project/environment?
  19. As a new Tester on the team, how can we make the most of our on-boarding and early time in the new team?
  20. How do you handle as a new starter learning so many things in a short time? New tools, new language, product, domain etc.
  21. How do you deal with a new hire who needs to be spoon-fed how to do everything and does not learn what anyone teaches them? Especially when they’re nice person
  22. How to control yourself not to micromanage new team member, especially when you work in small team and you need to have quick release?

Resources mentioned

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