What are the best things about working from home?

Up there for me has to be not having to queue for the microwave to find out it smells of fish or egg.


I have a window seat at home and have control over the office temperature.

I could see a window from my old desk, but the view was of a warehouse.


Control over the office temperature is also a massive plus for me!

I like being able to walk the dog during my lunch break too.


Here’s my list:

  • no more traffic
  • you win time by not driving to work (~1h 30m/day)
  • better chair
  • bigger & multiple monitors

and last but not least: I do love my colleagues but no more chit chat at the desk/hallways to distract you from the heaps of work left :smiley:


An extra hour per day saved from commuting to work. Time you can use for trainings, contribute to the community or just to enjoy with your family.


I am however missing having the traditional workplace/home separation and dealing without being around people all the time.

I’m getting better at it and enjoying having more snacks…which may not be a good thing in the long run.

  • I enjoy that I can have as many coffee/tea breaks as I like; without wondering if anyone is counting my trips to the kitchen.
  • I’m very disciplined with snacking, I buy a pack of cookies every week and a slab of chocolate, and gradually work through them by the Friday. Unfortunately someone else is often helping themselves to the chocolate.

On the flip-side I have set my alarm to gain back an hour; because my commute used to take at least that long, however I instead find I’m still working until 6pm anyway (with loads of cookie breaks).


  • I bought myself a nice 4K monitor, which it much better than what we get at the office. (No it’s in my office space, not for games sadly.)
  • I bought myself an electric sit-stand desk , which is much better than the mechanical junk that the HSE give us because I can set an exact height increments of 1 centimeter.

This does mean that for me to go back to the office I’ll need to negotiate for better kit. But only use it 1 or 2 days a week? Tough decision.


The one perk of working from home was being able to sleep in an extra hour or so, but in reality, that just meant I was staying up later.

I’m voluntarily back in the office - the company looked for volunteers of folks who wanted to try going back, and there are a fair number of restrictions (no public trans, have to wear a mask all day, no in/out, no more snacks, etc). I jumped at the opportunity, even with all the caveats. Our office had about 70 folks before, and we’re at 2 to 4 on any given day now (the folks who volunteered to try going back to the office were able to pick how many days a week they wanted to go in).

Being in an office for me has lots of benefits over working from home:

  • Clear delineation between work and home - too easy for me to get distracted when I’m at home, even though I have a second room that’s essentially a dedicated office. My output/productivity has gone way up, and I’m getting more done in less time.
  • Better displays - the dual Dell U2718Q (27" 4K) are way better than the dual Dell U3014’s (30" I have at home (30" 2560x1600). The home displays are actually the old office displays they let us take home when we upgraded to 4K displays
  • The routine of walking or biking to work has forced me to get back onto a semi-normal sleep scheduled; no more staying up till 2 or 3 AM for no good reason

Here is my list:

  • eat with your tableware, not Tupperware or plastic :plate_with_cutlery:
  • work without loud of an open space Office :woman_technologist:t2::woman_technologist::woman_technologist:t2::woman_technologist:
  • quality time with husband :couple:
  • more productive :muscle:
  • do some housework during lunch hour
  • time saving on travels :clock1:

This has to be the Best. Reply. Ever to a question!

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Which sit stand desk do you have now?

It has to be no more stop start traffic and up to 3hrs sat in traffic all day…

Hi Mike.
I went direct to the supplier instead of via amazon to buy this one. https://www.amazon.co.uk/SANODESK-Standing-Height-Adjustable-anti-collision-protection/dp/B084ZD6Y5J I did not want to give Jeff more money than needed so went to https://flexispot.co.uk/electric-standing-desk-frame-ez1.html . If can omit “all” of the optionals, but include the cable-snake and pay about £300 for the frame. I had to buy 2 cable trays, and 2 multiplugs (which you have to do anyway if you work for real with multiple computers.) I then trimmed the thinnest plywood 12mm I thought would still screw down properly and securely and aside from loads of small costs this fits a restricted space at home.

This comes to 80cm wide from outer leg to outer leg. I cheated with one of the bolts to get it narrower by 2 inches, it’s normally 33" wide. I had to cut the worktop corner out to fit around my heating system which is why I did not buy one with a worktop. DIY skills and a saw required. I actually enjoyed the lockdown distraction of building this a tiny bit too.

PSA!!! If you use a standing desk, you must either wear very special shoes all of the time, or remove shoes and stand on a cushioned surface. You can buy gel pads, but a picnic blanked rolled up as shown works to keep your legs moving and the blood moving. Huge foot pain if you dont!"


Thanks @conrad.braam
I see Jeff is putting a £30 discount to entice people… I have been looking at a sit stand desk as working at kitchen table is awful.
Good point re flooring. I purchased a matt and new chair in prep.
Also purchased a foot rest. By time it arrives we will probably be back in the office :joy:

Did you find the 2 stage was sufficient?
Is it sturdy enough to hold a dual monitor setup Without tipping?

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I used an aluminium camping table for about 4 months, with a flatform made from discarded wooden pallets to get the height I wanted, because getting my kit moved off my kitchen table was just going to be so much work 2 times a day. I also prefer standing by far! It goes up to height 121cm to the top of the frame and down as low as 71cm. I’ll write up more detail on my blog and edit this post with a link this evening I think, to answer you in more detail.

Edit : Link to more detail on my blog https://softcircuitry.blogspot.com/2020/08/standing-desk-build.html


Great! Look forward to reading it.

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Plenty of pros -

1 - No commute saves 2 hours total or more.

2 - Use commute time for learning, hobbies, see nearby places…endless possibilities.

3 - Use leftover lunch break to do small chores (occasionally).

4 - Visit places that were only on wishlist, as long as they have wifi there.

5 - Better office equipment because I have control over it.

6 - Be available for occasional home repairs, packages etc.

WFH is one of the major perks besides others. No wonder people from other fields want to switch to IT, unless they are too passionate about their field.


A great read. Thanks @conrad.braam

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Definitely lack of commuting - my office is 4h+ away from my home :smiley: I have more time to cook + beauty sleep!


I like the short commute to my dining table, the ability to cook fresh meals, a nap after lunch, listing to music without looking antisocial, escaping from toxic colleagues and using my time productively with house work when I’m waiting on someone else at work.