What’s Your Win For The Week? November 21st

What wins do you have this week? Big or small, let’s celebrate each our wins :tada:

My wins for this week:

  • Professional: Got the HolidayBash schedule set live so people can start planning
  • Professional: Managed to stay awake for all of TestBash New Zealand which I didn’t think I’d achieve when I started the week
  • Personal: I told someone who belittled me because I’m a woman that I no longer required their services :muscle:

It’s been a nuts week, but I’ve made it out the other side OK!

  • I ran a couple of introductory RiskStorming sessions that went really well
  • I also made some headway with some new tools and approaches at work
  • I was able to take a long lunch with my wife on her birthday!
  • We did a live podcast recording and people gave us some really nice feedback!
  • Lead some customer call discussions
  • Much kinder to myself this week - took breaks, slowed down
  • Sadly gave myself a goal to watch no TV for some of the week (managed 3 days) - read some books & had some earlier nights
  • Kept positive vibes up - it has been a gloomy cold week here in the UK

Having worked remotely for almost a year now, my eyes and back took a big hit.

So I made a conscious effort to try and care for it this week.

  • regular breaks from screens (every 20 mins)
  • drinking water frequently
  • eating healthy
  • exercise

Loving my effort so far. Highly recommend everyone to have a think. It will definitely improve productivity too!