Off/On shore retrospective tool

(Kim) #1

Question :thinking:

What tool (if any) does your company use for running retro’s specifically if your team is co/on/off-shore located?

Previously all our team was co-located so it was a white board.

Any thoughts? I was looking at this one goReflect

(Mark) #2

We have found Trello really useful.

John Barratt did a talk on Retrospectives for distributed teams at Agile Cambridge which had lots of useful ideas:

(Kim) #3

thanks @mark_coulson01 will definitely look into Trello

Cheers K

(Gem) #4 has a free option and is nicely flexible and can be worked on by multiple people at the same time, has voting and things like that. Really nice tool that we use with our partly remote team

(Kim) #5

thanks Gem will totally look into it :+1:

Hope things are going awesome for you