Sprint Planning and Retrospective Tools

I saw a recent post on retrospectives and that inspired me to think of software tools.

During sprint planning we are using http://hatjitsu.herokuapp.com/ for planning poker, and in the post on retros they mentioned Fun Retro.

What sprint planning and retrospective tools do you use and find most effective?

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We use GoReflect as part of the retrospective, free and useful for more general thoughts on what to start doing, do more of etc. in the next sprint. I find it useful as a tool for the team to log in during the sprint and record their thoughts!

Here, you can find very good information on retrospectives. In my ex-company, we used Confluence for retrospectives. https://plans-for-retrospectives.com/en/

Hi Kyle, we plan our sprint using a MOSCOW style categories of what we Must, Should and Could do during the sprint. As a mature team who has been together for a while we don’t use story points or any form of measuring sizes. If a story is too big we break it down and sit close together to allow us to have technical planning sessions or discussion. Hope that helps.

Most effective way in my experiences was the simple face-2-face conversations with people in the development team. Those persons already prepared in their own way for the meeting: analyzed the situation, sketched some notes and questions before, and prepared for the meeting. During the meeting they were engaged into participating constructively to the conversations. Their opinion was considered. Everyone had the time to speak their minds.
After the meeting, everyone feels accomplished in some way, and look forward to dive into something that was clarified during the meeting.

Remember the scope why you’re doing this.
You want to achieve some goal as a team and you want everyone to be motivated, engaged, content, dedicated, understanding, happy to work towards something, embrace change or adaptation if necessary.
So it’s mainly a people problem. People problems are solved with meaningful conversations…

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