What’s an application level bug Zoom?

I got an email from Zoom today about their 4 hour outage yesterday.

It said that “ We have determined that the cause of this service disruption was related to an application-level bug in our system, which resulted in a web login issue for customers. ”

I Googled “application level bug” and got nothing. It’s not a term. Why did the product owner need to be specific over what level of the software he found this issue?

Does he effectively mean - this was a functional bug in our front end UI as opposed to a security theft or performance issue?

Makes me wish there were more consistent and easier to understand terms for this stuff, if it’s confusing as a tester lord knows what a general user should think!



It might be just a fancy term he uses but I’m thinking he means application-layer in the OSI-Model.

=> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_model
=> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_layer

Of course I’m just guessing aswell.

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Exactly - If that’s the case then it is front end “ The OSI model defines the application layer as the user interface responsible for displaying received information to the user.”

If I’d raised this as a bug report I’d expect it to be batted back with - can you give me some more detail please?

I guess my bug bear is either say A user friendly simple phrase like “we found a minor bug and we fixed it” or give exact details of what the bug was and how it manifested itself - don’t just use a weirdly technical sounding fluffy phrase that sits in between the two extremes and helps no one!

Rant over. :ninja_pink:

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Curious and pertinent point about terminology Elizabeth.

It’s topical to me because yesterday was talking to Marketing department about what the headings for the various screens will show. It was a debate to replace “Upload” with “Send”, and “Download” with “Fetch”, and exactly where the product name will get placed, and how often we drop the logo in so that users don’t get lost when loads of external interactions are going on. And my take on it was, that Marketing and Support get to choose the names things get in the UI, the Development team shouldn’t get to override what things get called in front of users. Where I work, we have often been coming up with really good new names for components or features, but it can lead to user confusion or disconnect when we do.

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