What’s your favourite workshop style?

We all have different preferences when it comes to our learning style.

For me when it’s online, I learn by doing as soon as I have observed something. So if it’s something online, I’ll have two screens setup so that I can practice what was just shown on one screen on the other. I feel that a break after each demonstration of something (even of just a few minutes) is really useful for me to learn.

When it comes to in person events, I’ve found being paired with someone really useful. Two of the last in person workshops I attended (one with @mwinteringham and the other with @danashby) I was paired with @pswayne7 so we got to mix it up with one of us taking notes while the other tried to do what was being demonstrated. There was break out time after each demonstration then for the two of us to pair and practice the problem solving. When I was paired with @conorfi, I felt that I was definitely the weaker person in the pair in the beginning but by pairing, I learned and was encouraged more along the journey in the workshop.

Of course, my favourite workshop style could be very different to yours! So, what’s your favourite workshop style?


That’s a very good question, I’m looking forward to seeing different answers.

Mine is ‘Hands on’
I don’t mind if it’s a classroom training or online as long as we do everything hands-on. I hate it when the trainers go like " in theory it’s this or that " – at least let me try it!

I like online courses with workshops also due to that they are at your own pace. Often in classroom workshops, there are always a few who are ahead or far behind, which makes it so much more difficult for the trainer, but in that way you can see the trainer trying to explain it in different ways and sometimes there might be something you overlooked.

But yea 90% hands on and 10% theory :slight_smile:

What I also enjoy is errors in workshops! Most workshops show you how to do stuff the happy flow but I enjoy it when you, on purpose, get an error. It will teach you so much more!

Kind regards