99 Minute Workshop - Teacher's lounge

Welcome to the 99 Minute Workshop Teacher’s lounge. There’s Coffee still hot in the pot on the side, and a comfy couch to sit on and relax with your fellow instructors.

This is a space for instructors to come together and ask for help, share tools and techniques that have helped them in their workshops, or for general chat about teaching.

@mwinteringham and @sarah1 are on hand to answer any questions you might have or offer support when needed.


It’s a bit off-topic, but still teaching-related. Just wanted to share and perhaps discuss :slight_smile:.

In the middle of September, I’m running a 3-hour workshop live for 100 people. Out in a field in a forest. So I don’t have the visual aids and tools we normally think of. Still a good exercise to practice teaching skills, learning objectives and focus on learning from the back of the “room”. Can’t be everywhere :wink:

Cheers to the Class of 99minutes workshops season 2 - all the best on your prep!


Hello everybody - and thank you, Mark, for creating this topic! I think I’m gonna be a regular here :smiley:

Any tips or tricks on how to follow the chat and interact with people without losing track of your talk?


@baysha it depends what you mean by follow the chat. I always like to do a quick chat review to see if any questions have been asked after completing a section of my workshop.

But also keep in mind there is a section for asking questions in Crowdcast, so encourage users to use that at the start of the workshop. That way you’ll see very clearly questions being asked that you can then choose when to answer.


@mwinteringham I remember you saying you had a Matching Activity worksheet. Can you share the template please?

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