What Social Hobbies Would You Like to See at TestBash UK?

If you’re going to TestBash UK in Liverpool this year, you know you’ll meet like-minded folks who love testing. Knowing this makes starting conversations and making connections much easier. But some folks will share other passions and hobbies with you too! And how lovely would it be to find folks who share your passion for Software Testing and your other passions as well?!

Let’s Share Our Hobbies!

Well, we’d love to help you achieve that! At our previous TestBash events, we’ve supported folks setting up clubs/socials so people can meet other attendees with the same hobby. For example, we’ve had:

  • running club mornings,
  • meditations sessions,
  • board gaming socials,
  • brewery trips and
  • bouldering trips

during TestBash, to name but a few.

What Would You Like to See?
If you have a hobby you’d love to share at TestBash UK, reply in the thread below. We will support you in sharing your hobby and organising a social for like-minded attendees to join in during the TestBash.

  • singing
  • campanology

Thanks for the suggestions Conrad. I’ll dm you about setting up these socials and how MoT can promote them

  • Board gaming
  • Dungeons & Dragons? :smiley:

Few suggestions although I don’t know what is available in Liverpool

  • Darts bar
  • Axe Throwing
  • Mini Golf

Thanks for those suggestions, @adystokes and @kristof , I’ll dm you to see if we can make these socials happen

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I’m into photography so would be great if there are others who would like to do a photo walk around Liverpool :blush:


Great idea, @marie.drake! I’ll be in touch to see if we can organise this soon!


now I have to go google for camera obscura in Liverpool as well, this is a rabbit hole!

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Indeed a brilliant idea! I do love photography too and honestly would love to join you, but I believe I might be a bit too busy during TestBash UK… :sweat_smile:

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