What takeaways are people taking from TestBash Home

What are the key takeaways people are taking from TestBash Home

Mine are always remember there is a community that is going through or been through something you might have and to ask questions and reach out.

Mayrum talk was inspiring
The Leadership panel was spot on with my current experiences
Angie jones - Revisted was also very good

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I’ve not decided yet as I’ve not seen all of the talks, but I think raising the issue of deleting automated tests really has to be done!


One thing I will ponder on for a while at least is how to tell a test that fails because of a bug in the code from a test that fails because the test has a bug.

What can we learn from this? How can we improve flickering tests or unstable environments?


ive got a lot to catch also, missed some of the ones I really wanted to attend hopefully they will be available soon

that is an interesting question

OK now it’s the morale stuff! Morale is something I never scored until my current job, but I have always felt a bit awkward around that. I think Jenny’s suggestions around how to do this better will help going forward :slight_smile: Mostly focusing on the team rather than individuals (for the score)

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  • Making sure my team feel fully supported and can reach out for help and also, to make sure i look after myself.
  • All the jargon with CI/CD/Continuous delivery etc I really want to learn more about this area, so I’ve bought the phoneix project book that was recommended
  • Always ask what a test is doing before trying to work out how to fix it. Often i hear “why is it failing” before “what is the test doing”
  • Get involved in the community - there are so many experts out there and someone out there may have the answer or thinking what you are
  • Reflect on my leadership style - i do still feel “entry level” with a couple of years in, so i need to think about what skills I need to work on
  • Digesting a discussion about the industry trying to get 2 for the price of 1 with testers doing both automation and manual work. I want to make sure my team do not feel overloaded and are not “forced” to go in a particular direction.
  • Use evil user stories - think about what are we trying to protect and what bad things people are doing to your product
  • Talk about differences between environments as they are not the same

I’m sure there’s more - SO much to digest and I need to watch the talks from sections 2 & 3. :smiley: