What Things Would you like to Suggest for Automation Testing in 2020

Hello All,

As a 2020 is coming so let’s prepare for new things…So please share your automation testing tips, things to take care before go with automation…

What would you like to recommend?

Remember a key question for any kind of automation is not “Can we automate this” it is “Should we automate this”.

  1. Consider all the costs first. If you have decided that you should automate something, do you have the skills? If so, what will they not be doing because they are spending time creating automation scripts? If you have to hire skills, how much will they cost? How will they scale? How will the test infrastructure scale?

  2. What are the pains you are trying to solve? Slow authoring? Unstable tests? No skills to create tests? Some commercial solutions are easier to use and are SaaS-based to scale easier. However, not all of them are equally able to record your Web application. How do they handle “drag and drop” or iframes? Do they use AI to make your test more stable?

Here’s a free ebook that goes through some of the tradeoffs to consider.

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