Have you got a question about automation?

Hi all,

@friendlytester and I are going to be starting a new podcast soon called the Automation in Testing Show/Podcast (which is better?) and a part of the podcast will be answering community questions. But first we need some questions!

If you could ask us anything related to automation and testing, what would it be? Drop a question in this thread, we’ll pick it up on the podcast and answer it :slight_smile:

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I got a friend who’s a manual tester without showing much (if any) interest in automation. He’s a really sharp fellow, but maybe a bit stubborn. What advice would you give to such a person to change their mind?


Podcast, since it’s a podcast :stuck_out_tongue:

I am following @mirza his suggestion, there are a lot of manual testers who are interested into starting automation but don’t show it due to being scared or stubborn and don’t know where to start.

Perhaps advice them also on ‘it’s not just automation’ but also CI/CD & reporting… which is often overlooked.

Questions that might be interesting for people:

  • When are you an automator?
  • What’s the difference in automating between front-end & back-end
    ** Do I need to know both?
  • What is automation of Non-Functional Tests (performance, security, …)

At always the strapline for me is that whenever you are using a tool to help you test, you are automating.

Even if it’s just a tool that sets up your pre-conditions for you nicely, and maybe is only a DOS batch file that merely uninstalls the app, deletes some folders and then runs the installer. You are already doing automated testing once you run that simple .BAT file on more than just onw computer.


Brilliant question! It sparked a fantastic conversation in this Racket:



Perfect! A simple question with a broad interpretation and answer, loved it!

Extra question: What do you do for Shift Right? (Logging, Monitoring, … on what/why/how/… ?)