What topics would you expect to see in a book for new testers?

(Andy) #21

He he…a book you say…hmmmm, would it make me appear scholarly :wink:

It’s a good idea though, jut not sure how the market is for that.

(Rosie) #22

Video/talk of Karen Johnson’s “The Art of Asking Questions” - https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/dojo/lessons/the-art-of-asking-questions-karen-johnson?s_id=6413

(Mary) #23

Think like a user, not a developer.
How to communicate with developers.
How to communicate with the business.
Testing in an Agile world.
Learn from your mistakes to set yourself up for success.

(Diogo) #24

I’m currently trying to make that curriculum at dialex.github.io/start-testing.

I’m new to testing (2 years) and the amount of things I want/have to learn is indeed overwhelming. During those years I’ve collected several posts/talks/books to read and I’m summarising them into a Software Testing 101.

Crazy, I know :sweat_smile:

(Ady) #25

Chapter 1 - Are you sure you want to do this
Go in with your eyes open to the multitude of environments you might encounter
Chapter 2 - You don’t have to know everything
There are more subjects on heaven or earth that can influence testing including elements of all the other IT disiplines you will encounter as demonstrated by the image below
Chapter 3 - The testing mindset
What could happen given every possible practical situation? The practical helps focus on risk and impact
Chapter 4 - Fundimentals
What do people mean by happy and sad path and how do you start testing
Chapter 5 onwards
Useful in context tips and hints on different aspects of testing
Last Chapter - Why it’s worth it
The satisfaction you get, the value you can add, the passion you find in the community
Glossary: Links, resources etc. to useful stuff

Hope that helps?

(Joe) #26

These are great topics for a testing book @gus! Each topic could easily be supported with many real world examples in testing!