What trends do you see in software testing?

(Wojciech) #1

What trends do you see emerging in software testing? Technologies? Practices?

I will start by listing:

(Paul) #2

Is Rest or XML API testing really the next big thing? SoapUI came out in 2005. Postman API came out in 2012.

I expect there will be a big focus on AI in testing.

(Wojciech) #3

I was probably not clear in my question, I am more after where the majority of the testing market is heading, not the next fancy thing.

I am not sure if it is the next big thing, I just was pointing out the trend of the name “API testing”, and how its been growing steadily.

Could you point me to any trends around that?

(Stefan) #4

Most of the times I think I understand trends. Would like to see it happening. I think about what I could do to be prepared when they come. But in practice and in the limited place/environment I’m working things change differently.

I’m thinking myself as stuck in different years on different aspects: how people think, what CTOs want, what tool vendors promote, what marketing is focused on, what consultancies are offering, what testers are doing…etc.
In some we might be in 1985, some in 2001, some in 2050, some in 2005.
It can be hard to reconcile that what’s going to happen to a person is going to happen to everyone else…

I could probably better say what I don’t see as a trend in my current environment :slight_smile:

(Jesper) #5

Shifts/trends I have spotted, besides the obvious shift left/right are: Test Coach, Test in infrastructure projects, Test as pipeline/delivery responsible. see: Where are testing roles shifting to?

While technologies are coooool and all, I would rather put the spotlight on testing outside the typical software development projects. Projects around implementing COTS systems like SAP, AX, Salesforce, EPIC etc.