API Tools Addition

I recommend adding Assertible to the list of API Tools.

Iโ€™ve found it very helpful for setting up, maintaining, and scheduling API tests across all of our environments.

Check out About Us : Assertible for more info on them.

They seem really pricey on first look for what API testing is compared to like Postman or RestAssured?
I might be wrong of course since I donโ€™t know Assertible.

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API Testing is the most important type of Software Testing that focuses on API meets the requirements or not. Now is dayโ€™s API Testing becoming the essential component of Software Testing, So It is necessary for Testers to know the different API Testing tools.

As per my experience I would like to share few tools with you:

  1. RapidAPI
  2. REST-assured
  3. Postman
  4. SoapUI
  5. Katalon Studio
  6. JMeter
  7. Karate DSL
  8. Assertible

**You can also refer to this article:https://www.testrigtechnologies.com/api-testing-tutorial-how-to-perform-api-testing-types-tools/

A word of warning about Assertible, the support team seems to have gone AWOL. We have a paid subscription, however, theyโ€™ve stopped responding to support tickets and answering questions.

Last reply we got was months ago.