Looking for better tools for API automation framework than Java, TestNG Rest assured framework

Hi All,

I am looking for any better tools which can totally replace my current automation framework which is a rest-assured testNG framework.
The main problem statements here is that,

  1. We are looking to reduce the QA efforts in the SDLC cycle and fast forward the deployment as QA automation takes longer time
  2. Tools which help in not maintaining code base but can handle different edge cases and handle large test case groups.
  3. Also looking for modern tools which can use AI tech to reduce testing efforts.

We have a list of software testing tools here which includes a bunch of API Testing tools, maybe it will help?

It’s not easy to search on the category, but we will be pushing a code change soon that will hopefully make that easier.

Hello Arjun,

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A lot of AI tools along with the experience of using those has been discussed over the thread here: πŸ€– Day 6: Explore and share insights on AI testing tools

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Hi Guys, This question is also to clarify myself on my research if there are new tools trending in market. I have been using rest assured, TestNG framework from past 8 years and its my go to framework for all the API automation needs. Let me know if anyone thinks there are newer tools available in market for large scale applications, which can reduce QA backlogs and works better in the AI era.