Any of you used this framework?


While searching for some examples on how to do a framework that has it all I came across one called carina.

A Java based framework using TestNG that promises UI, API, Database and…mobile testing all in one.

I am considering making also some videos for my channel but before that was wondering if you ever saw this framework, ever used it or if you would like to hear/see more about it


Hmm. Not yet. I would like to know your experience though. Looks like it could be fun.

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I haven’t used it yet, I suppose when people want to use Java they instantly go to RestAssured.
So I don’t know I would use this Carina framework.

What would be nice is a pro/con page with RestAssured! :slight_smile:

Found some video about Carina with API Automation.
=> Carina - API automation - YouTube

@kristof - Can you elaborate a bit on the instantly go to RestAssured part please. I used it in the past but never thought of it as being a solution for a full framework that covers UI, API and Mobile.

But as I said I used it in the past, it may have changed now. Will look into it

True it doesn’t cover Mobile nor UI but people often opt in to restAssured for API’s & pick selenium for UI.
It’s easier to find documentation & more popular. People tend to not use lesser known frameworks.

Here in Belgium we don’t often see mobile projects. So just speaking from experience.

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