30 Days of API Testing Day 15: Find, use and share your thoughts on a new API testing tool

(Duong) #1

I chose Assertible to try. Maybe it is not new with someone but me.

I used this tool do do the exercise one.

I think this tool easy to use, support many assertion methods such as JSON path data, JSON validation, XPath data, … This tool also support for automating API testing and integrating with GitHub.

(Heather) #2

@conorfi has used the free trial from API Fortress as his new tool to explore. Has anyone else?

(Trang Ta) #3

I find a new API testing tool that is Advanced REST client.
Advanced REST client is very easy to use. But it only for REST client, not SOAP. It’s simple , it’s suiting to create and test custom HTTP requests which are not very complex.

(Tuan Tran) #4

Thanks to @kms_trangta for the Advanced REST Client

I did try it today to do the exercise one again:

Some thing I found from this tool:

  • I use this Chrome extension version so there is only the basic feature for API testing
  • The native app version has many advanced feature like: automation API, built-in API document…

(Thanh) #5

I have tried Restlet Client - REST API Testing, it looks quite friendly and it’s easy to use

(KMS Nam Nguyen) #6

Thanks @kms_thanhhuynh provide the Restlet Client API testing. I did Ex1 with this tool easy:

(KMS Nam Nguyen) #7

Thank for your provide Restlet Client - REST API Testing (y)

(Thao) #8

My co-worker suggested Swagger Inspector for me :). I used it to call some basic methods:

(Felipe) #9

I tried Paw for this exercise. It has a really nice interface and like Postman, allows the creation of environments and dynamic variables. As you create and send requests the software stores response variables and values and saves them within a project. You can use dynamic variables to chain requests in this way and doing that is quite intuitive.

Although Paw doesn’t have the large user base that Postman and other more established API software (it is a paid mac-only app after all), it has several extensions that can be added on the fly and for instance, allow you to export requests in a lot of different languages and frameworks.