Whatcha Reading?


Been attempting to learn automation over the last 12 months, and looking for an idea of any suggested reading? Books, Blogs, Pamphlets or even Post it notes that would help.

What help you and why.

Also happy for anyone to self promote lol.

Interesting blogs are written by:

On my blog I wrote several series about test automation using Java:

I also wrote some posts about performance tests:

With automation, I would agree with the suggested blogs by Angie and Bas, but you really can’t get better than being hands on. I’d recommend going through the free (They’re all free!) courses on Test Automation University site.


Breaking the rules a bit, because I’ve not read it myself yet - but I’ve ordered a copy of this. Looks really interesting: Journey Through Test Automation Patterns - Dorothy Graham and Seretta Gambit

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Cheers, TAU is great I have been working my way through that.

Book: The DevOps Handbook by Kim, Humble, Debois & Willis.
It might be a tad dated, it’s from 2016…, but it sets the scene for all things devOps.

A few years ago I wrote a blog post serie about the combination of TDD, Test Driven Development, and BDD, Behaviour Driven Development. The first blog post is:

Last week I figured out why BDD is applicable in this context. The purpose of the application was to process files according to a regulation. The business rules were described in a way that it was readable for business analysts.