What's in Your Testing Toolbox

No matter what kind of testing you’re doing, you’ve got a “toolbox” for your go-to tools to support you with your work.

From note-taking :notebook: to automation frameworks :automator: and everything in between :explorer:

What’s in your testing toolbox?

Up until yesterday, I had a screwdriver, wrench, volt-meter, current meter, and oscilloscope… but I didn’t use them much.

Seriously though (but that WAS serious, just slightly out of context), I couldn’t live without a pad of paper, a pen, and enough room to pace a bit when things get complicated.

After that, it’s a lot of software.


Out of all tools, I appreciate now having access to all company internal tools, git repositories, deployment jobs, servers, logging and monitoring systems, databases, APIs etc…;
I enjoy more access than developers in some areas.
This gives me opportunities to learn more, to explore more, to look for what matters, to identify causes of bugs, find solutions, etc…
The way I interact with all those available tools than it’s up to me…there’s plenty of ways.


A literal answer:

  • Note taking: I was using Evernote, but find I’m just as happy with Google Docs.
  • To do list: The great to do list is in a Google Spreadsheet. Currently looking at things like Trello to see if they might be of use.
  • Automation Frameworks: Selenium and Cucumber. Currently taking a look at Citrus.
  • My other automation Frameworks: Bash/sed/awk/grep/curl.
  • Other tools: SoapUI (used for SOAP only - I do REST through bash scripts), Wireshark, Audacity, Mobile Phones, VirtualBox.
  • Recording test results: Excel, because we’re old fashioned like that.

Edit: Changed Ethereal to Wireshark. Not sure how that slipped in.

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I’m using an open source ATDD framework in Java called Concordion (https://concordion.org/). It orchestrates all my Selenium and REST API automated tests. For the REST API automation, I use the Spring framework.

Some of my favorite tools right now:

  • Notes: Zenpen - this tool is just like a clean slate to randomly write things down, it’s where I put my flow of consciousness
  • Mobile testing tool - Apptim - you can find bugs in your app and get an automatic report with client side performance data. Also integrates with JIRA
  • Toggl - Keeping track of my time