What's the Longest Lead Time You've Ever Experienced On a Project?

Inspired by @bencf1 what’s the longest time you’ve ever had:

  • From planning testing to getting your hands on a product to perform the testing you’d planned?
  • From performing that testing to the product going out to customers?
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8 months. Worse of all: I just came to know after the 8 months.

We spend the whole time talking about sprints, Scrum, DoD, etc. Getting things completed. I knew the product was not widely released, but down the road, the manager came with a “Code Hardening Sprint”, and a “Regression Testing phase”, etc.

I asked what’s the need for it, “aren’t some users checking it out yet”?
“No, no user saw the product yet”.

The mix of bad feelings was strong :smiley: