What's the Longest Lead Time You've Ever Experienced On a Project?

Inspired by @bencf1 what’s the longest time you’ve ever had:

  • From planning testing to getting your hands on a product to perform the testing you’d planned?
  • From performing that testing to the product going out to customers?
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8 months. Worse of all: I just came to know after the 8 months.

We spend the whole time talking about sprints, Scrum, DoD, etc. Getting things completed. I knew the product was not widely released, but down the road, the manager came with a “Code Hardening Sprint”, and a “Regression Testing phase”, etc.

I asked what’s the need for it, “aren’t some users checking it out yet”?
“No, no user saw the product yet”.

The mix of bad feelings was strong :smiley:


Frequently had projects in my last role which it would be 4-6 months from project kick off to the point we were able to start testing against any kind of code drop and what made it worse during that time was that we couldn’t be assigned to the project during that time either due to the internal way projects were funded, it meant they didn’t have funds for testing until dev was complete.

Suffice to say, we started making noise to change the process and involve us earlier.


I worked in the civil service briefly. I was put on a project that still hadn’t started after working there for almost a year, and there was nothing myself/developers could do about it as they were “waiting for sign off”.

I really wouldn’t be surprised if they are still waiting!

I wouldn’t always suggest quitting, as I’d try to change things first… but I quit that one when I realised it was a dead end :pensive: