When do you release and how did you get there?

I read a blog post this week that got me thinking more about the different ways that people release software.

The post in question

I’ve spoken on here before about how my first company was very waterfall, like we’d been working towards the big release for years!

In my next company, we started waterfall, we had targets to reach for grant funding release and no paying customers, just some potential future customers giving us feedback on what they would like to see in the product down the line. As we got closer to the end goal of paying customers, we moved more towards only releasing functionality that solved the customer’s problems within the 2 week sprint.

In my last company we were a continuous deployment house from before I joined and it just stayed that way to the end.

I was wondering when do you release and how did you get there? Have you always released this way or was there a process to get there?