Does release retrospective happen in your projects? Better ways for having release retrospective?

With back to back releases in pipeline, do you/ your team gets into real productive retrospective session on the release?
How much time do you spend for that?
Does it really help in next release testing, provided that testing (regression testing specifically) comes as last activity in the product development lifecycle and always getting under strict timelines and pressure?

My personal experience is release retrospective hardly happens and testing is always squeezed towards the end.


I’m on a fairly new project so our retrospectives are still in their early infant stages so we don’t discuss releases that much and, while I do have lot of tests automated for the regression suite I’m still waiting on the blokes from the tooling department to integrate them with Jenkins. You probably know how it is, old school enterprises move in slow motion it would seem!

Oh ok. So are you not following agile/ fixed time duration and frequent releases?

Yea, we’re using some hybrid agile with planned releaes, the usual enterprise slow-paced settup.