What's your experience working with scrum masters, project managers, business analysts, product owners, etc

I was taking a short course on Agile Project Management (which seems a bit odd for a name) and it got me thinking, from a testers perspective, how can we as testers interact better with these kinds of roles?

I had mixed experiences, the two BAs I worked with had testing experience and it was great working with them both. For project managers most of them, it seemed like everybody else was doing their work for them - I used to think this about all project managers until I met a few competent ones (all of them former developers).

As for Scrum Masters and Product Owners, I had mostly good experiences, with the occasional junior scrum master who doesn’t understand the role fully and starts acting like a factory line controller :sweat_smile:

What about the rest of the community? :smiley:

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I’ve had very good experiences working with a scrum master and with a project manager.

I’ve had more distant and less impressive dealings with product owners. Scrum Master and Project Manager are well documented. I suspect the PO role is still a very young thing in the entire universe of software creation though, and not enough body of evidence as to the purpose of a PO exists, possibly due to a lack of actual big champions of the PO role. Keen to know if people have seen that role work in a team.

The BA is likewise a bit of a blank for me, and have very little exposure to working with Business Analyst.

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