What's your Go-To- Testing Tool and Why?

Getting to know the community! :smiley:
Comment about your most reliable testing tool.


Kind of depends for what :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Postman, easy to do some exploratory testing with API’s.
  • Besides that Burpsuite & ZAP for more security tests.
  • Any autoclicker to have some fun.

What are yours btw @venessa ?

If I see anyone commenting UI automation tools… :stuck_out_tongue: just kidding!


Powershell 7 - it even has a cool icon now


The Developer Tools, I use it every day for different things.

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Postman! Simple and gets the work done!


Hi @venessa,

I think the answer depends about which activity within the test proces you want to automate?
Do you want to automate the test design phase, the bug tracking activities, the requirements traceability, or do you want to automate the check of the actual status compared to the required status in the SUT, automate management activities, etc.

So what do you mean by a testing tool? :wink:


Is what it said, it’s quite narrow a question if it’s read properly to be honest. For me the proper answer is going to be Excel. It is dependable when I’m doing installer testing, boundary analysis/state exploration and… if I cloudsave, it moves from machine to machine for me. I still go with my original answer, because using a tool that’s already present on most machines really does count as being “Go-To” for me.


I’m going to be that annoying person who says: my brain.

Good testing starts there, all the computer tools are just extensions of my brain wanting to accomplish certain things.

If you just mean computer tool, I really have no answer. I have an array of testing tools I use daily and there’s not just one that stands out as the winner to me.

If you would go like “well, you HAVE to choose”, then I would reluctantly choose Charles Proxy because that’s a tool that can accomplish more than 1 task and that regularly exposes quirky issues and information.
I use Charles to: look at API responses, intercept and then tweak/fuck up the API responses before sending them to my device, and I use it to mock backend responses. There are other ways to do this, but I’m comfortable with using this app.