What's your own model for career planning?

Great to read @jimholmescc’s approach to helping him map his career. He captures the following:

  • Things I like and am good at
  • Things I don’t like but am good at
  • Things I like but am /not/ good at
  • Things I don’t like and am not good at
  • Things I will not tolerate

Do check out the details of his post and the mindmap that comes with it. Perhaps you could run the same exercise and discover what it reveals?

Have you developed your own model for career planning? Super curious to hear about it if you have. Also, are there career growth/planning models from others in the community that have helped you?


That’s a wonderful post, although I’ve got to admit that my career thus far has been a case of serendipity mixed with “oh cr*p”. The latter taught me to recognize toxic environments, recognize the signs a company is going to go under (for a while I used to joke I had the Midas touch in reverse when it came to careers), and rather a lot of other unpleasant lessons.

The former is pretty much where I am today.

I do like the 5 categories - I should take some time and put together my own lists along those lines.


No I haven’t developed a model ever and reading this I should have. These points are GOLD!!! Love it! :grin:

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