What challenge might you set yourself for 2024?

Each year @lisihocke has a knack for creating well-defined personal growth goals.

Have a read of her blog post to see what challenge she’s set herself for this year. It’s very cool and a real inspiration.

:open_book: My Personal Challenge for 2024 - Scary New Grounds

Good luck, Lisi. We’ve got your back!

What plans do you have for 2024? :dart:

What challenge for the year could you set yourself? Big, small, whatever size.

How could you use Lisi’s Challenge/Hypothesis/Experiment/Timeline (CHET) approach?


Thanks @simon_tomes for your support, very kind of you! :blush: I’m curious myself what other folks are up to in 2024. Growth goals, self-care commitments, hobby endeavors - whatever brings you value in your current life situation. Maybe it’s rather fully embracing the here and now instead, or maybe working on a 3 year theme. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear from whoever wants to share. :slightly_smiling_face:


Reflecting on this post, how’s your 2024 going?

Hey @simon_tomes

So far, 2024 is going great for me.

I’ve planned a career change in this year and I’ve cleared the first stage by accepting the offer. Hoping for a smooth transition over there in the next few months. On networking side, I thought of entering some community and putting myself there by interacting with likely-minded people. Therefore, here I am in the MoT, daily interacting with the peers & building stronger connections.

The things which I have yet to check the box this year are volunteering in the community, to be a better cook :crazy_face: than in 2023 & learn any new language. And the tough one, to gain atleast 800 elo in Rapid Chess (currently I’m at 534 elo). Umm, that’s quite a bunch to do. Hopefully, by the time the year completes all the things should be stricken-off.

Interested to know how your 2024 is going Simon?