What Are Your Hopes For 2022?

What are you hoping for in 2022? Would you like to:

  • Learn a new skill?
  • Expand your team?
  • Change your role?
  • Give your first talk?

Whatever your hope is, share it below.

My hope is to revive my Github repos. It’s been a long time since I gave them some love so I hope that by the end of 2022 I will have made at least one new commit :muscle:


No “resolutions”, no “challenges”, no “hopes”; I like to phrase them as “ambitions”.

For 2021 I set myself the ambition to make a drawing every day, and share them on social media. So far I’ve succeeded in that.

For 2022 I have the ambition to:

  • Improve my (blind) typing skills
  • Learn to play the guitar (again)
  • Try open water swimming

Nothing set in stone yet but

  • Learn many new skills!
  • Create a workshop and some kind of testing challenge for others.
  • Browse a lot through the Ministry of Testing Pro Content :smiley:

Some of the things in mind, probably more

  • Design a testing related game
  • Learn new things
  • Read books that I bought recently
  • Back to travelling again

I don’t want to be sick any more

  • Come on the Club more, attend more meetups, get to know others in the tech industry, attend some in person conferences. :slight_smile:

In 2022, I’m hoping to do the following:

  • Organize more MoT Sarajevo meetups
  • Write blog posts more consistently
  • Move from working for local companies to full-time freelancing
  • Get a lot better with automation
  • Maybe try out my luck in a PO role, or move in the direction a test manager, QA lead, or similar

There’s a couple of things that I hope to achieve:

  • Give my first talk (at least outside of my office - they are probably sick of my brown bag sessions by now).
  • Become more experienced in threat modelling, in particular what to do after a threat modelling session.
  • Get my threat modelling card game “Threat Agents” further out into the wild.

(These may all be linked)

However my real hope is that I can figure out where on earth my career is going. I had expected to have that figured out over the xmas break but I am probably further away from an answer than before!

  • Writing blog posts for each month
  • Reading 3 technical books
  • Attending a test conference in person

I’ll be on parental leave for a good chunk of this year so my goals will be more personal ones this year:

  • Get back down to a healthy BMI because I want to lead by example for my children
  • Get my front end development skills to a point where i can do the front end dev for a personal site with my husband (he’s a backend dev and I’ve been wanting to do this with him for ages)
  • Finish my eBook and get an ISBN so I can publish physical copies (so far I have done a good chunk of it and have published it on a leanpub, want to add a few more chapters though)
  • Get back into the habit of creating and keeping a budget, I used to be very good at this and I’ve been slack lately. I don’t like not knowing exactly where my money is going

There are many things I’m hoping to do to:

  1. Reading Testing Books I recently bought
  2. Improve my soft-skills
  3. Improve my Test Automation Skills in Cypress
  4. Improve my Skills in Performance Testing
  5. Travel to Spain

Hi Richard! If you fancied doing a talk (over Teams) at Notts Test then do let me know. I have a vague idea that encouraging more first-time speakers would be a good thing for us to do. If it’d be on threat modelling too, then that would be a superb topic to talk about :slight_smile:


For me I think 2022 has to be the year of relentless automation. From increased use of tools like macOS Automator and the new Windows Power Automate, for automating desktop workflows, to improving and expanding frameworks.


Hi David. Sorry for the slow response - got pretty wiped out with covid.
I’d love to do an online talk at Notts Test and yeah, threat modeling would be something that I’d be keen to talk about and I hope interesting & useful for people (although I maybe need a touch more practice first!).


Practice is what we are all about! I’ll message you my email and we can talk dates. We meet the first Wednesday of the month normally. Your talk is something we’ve not had much before, so I think it will certainly be of interest.

I do hope you’re feeling better - I had Covid in Nov '20 & I was out on my back for two weeks. Miserable times.