Where and how to continue?

Hey there!
I got a kinda tricky question, you may across this question often, from people who are new to testing.

First of all to my personal:
I am a Software Developer, who are really interested in testing.
I programed many Tests, build an automized test-workflow in deployment tools, learned much about testing behaviours (Behat, TDD, Visual Testing, … ).
Surely I am able to test in different ways and also help for choosing the right tools or strategy for testing.
But I am not certified as anything related to testing, yet.

My main problem is, that I want to improve my testing. I was on many conferences, learned many tools, but I am still mainly a developer.

How do you think can I improve myself to testing or integrate testing more into my fulltime developer job?

There are many ways to do that and it could take you from days to years. To direct you to the right place I would need to know why you would like to be a better tester?

It’s a personal interest I got into, I like it to write test code and to automize them like in Selenium, or to build test architectures. I don’t want to get out of this path - as I do like testing a lot, but I also love to code.

Hello Sven, while I’m not a coder I am passionate about learning testing in all it’s guises which is why I put together my Periodic Table of Testing. It contains lots of different areas of testing both manual and technical. While also thinking about personal development, indicators such as personas and heuristics and methodologies. I use it both to help me scope new projects and to help direct my personal learning. Do I know what they all mean (to me). Am I utalising all the potential sources of learning. Can I focus on a specific area to learn. I hope you find this useful and if you want to read more please feel free to visit my blog at https://www.thebigtesttheory.com/ where there’s more information on the table and how I use it.

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