Where to get testing exercises to practice for interviews?

Most QA or Tester interviews give candidates testing exercises such as how would you test an ATM, how to test a bank login etc. It would be helpful if we had several such testing problems with solutions to practice & judge our testing skills for interviews. Do you know any good resources for this ?

PS - This is similar to algorithm coding practice websites for software engineers. Such websites have many problems, often from actual interviews. The problems are classified as easy, medium and hard. It is helpful to solve such problems to learn concepts & test oneself.


I think the “with solutions” part of your question will be a difficult one to achieve because so often it depends on the tester, the company and the people interviewing :slight_smile:

See the How to Test category for examples of the many different approaches people can take to problem solving.

The thread Does anyone do any practical interview tests? would also be a useful one for people to explore for the various types of questions that could come up.


@heather_reid - thank you. We could have only small testing problems, i.e which can be solved in 1 to 4 hours. If we had a platform for such problems, then we could provide one solution from the platform team and other solutions from users of the platform. That way, people can get to see different approaches to a problem.

IMO, problems are good to have, but they are not an effective learning tool unless we have good quality solutions to some of them. The good solutions can show us new way of doing things, reveal shortcomings in our knowledge/understanding or confirm our solution.